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Big happening for the Dewe Family!

We are launching for the first time a crowdfunding initiative in order to collect enough funds for the Lily Pads initiative which aims at empowering women through the learning of new business skills and the awareness on health and hygiene issues.

Please click on the link below if you want to join us on this groundbreaking adventure!


We would also be happy to welcome you in Dewe Family!

If you fancy becoming an official sponsor or volunteering with us, click on the pages below and email us for further information.


We are always looking for bright and open minded people to help us with our many aims. All skills you can bring will be appreciated, and we expect that you will take away with you many new skills acquired during your stay. To let us know if you feel like joining the team for a certain … Continue reading Volunteer


With the recent growth of the Dewe Project, the long term plans of its team and especially the fantastic Lily Pads initiative, we are actively looking for sponsors, donors and volunteers to help us in this big endeavour. If you believe in us and our project, please feel free to get in contact with us via … Continue reading Sponsorship