With the recent growth of the Dewe Project, the long term plans of its team and especially the fantastic Lily Pads initiative, we are actively looking for sponsors, donors and volunteers to help us in this big endeavour.

If you believe in us and our project, please feel free to get in contact with us via info@thedeweproject.org for further information on how to contribute to the growth of the Project and the Lily Pads initiative.

We also wanted to give… A Very Special THANK YOU to;

All organisations, friends, donators, volunteers, children sponsors and lifetime supporters of the Dewe Project.

We can’t thank you enough for your incredible generosity!

The late Janet Kirkwood (Longney Gloucestershire)
Mr Aonghus Gordon – Director and Founder of Ruskin Mill College
Ruskin Mill Girls Group
Caro Birtles
Anemicala Bowen
Sally Berttesiby
Mr Piers Clifford
The Leary Fieries
Hanana Mansfield
Laura French and the Compania group
Helen Bower
The Mount – Camphill
William Morris – Camphill
Philip Walters and Yohanna
Greg Dance
Aaron Elton from Canada (Permaculture Group),
Alexander Lawrence and Dany West (Sheffield, England)
Sundra and Mary (Sheffield, England)
Denise Joy (USA)
Florian S (German)
Hajjati, Musawo, Matovu, Mamma Mulokole and Mrs Mulambuzi (Dewe Village)
and so many others…