Our Workshops


Thanks to many small local workshops and organised activities, we build our community through skill-sharing and creating art.

The aim of our workshop is to break the barriers between the educated and those who never got opportunity to go to school or drop out of school.
Our intention is to create an inclusive learning environment that embraces people regardless of the standards, class, race, gender, or religion.

We are committed to give young and old, men and women, transferable skills, working attitude/employable skills, social and managerial skills.

We use natural and accessible materials to make candles, soaps, baskets, etc, and exchange ideas and skills that can be used locally to generate income.

Please find below a link to learn more about the recent workshops run by experienced volunteers and commissioned practitioners at the Dewe Project as well as a list of others that have occurred in the past few years.

  • Bakery, Cooking and Catering
  • Textiles, Tailoring, Batik work Tie and dye, Basket making,Weaving Knitting
  • Market Gardening,
  • Jewellery,
  • Herbal Tea, Lip Balm and Candle Making
  • Ecological Charcoal Making
  • Leather Work
  • Art and Design, Painting, Sculpturing and Ceramics
  • Fruit Processing, Drying and Packing
  • Wood Carving…

Traditional Dancing

Led by Joan, the Dewe Project has recently been organising for the children of the village and surroundings to come to the property and learn Ugandan traditional dances. Through this initiative, Joan is hoping to teach them discipline and connect them to their own country’s cultural world. In a world where culture is becoming more … Continue reading Traditional Dancing


Barkcloth is made by beating sodden strips of the fibrous inner bark of trees into sheets, which are then finished into a variety of items like clothes, traditional costumes, blankets, curtains, and all sorts of items… The bark is removed from the tree but the tree is then protected by banana leaves so that the … Continue reading Barkcloth


Led by Ben, the Grafting workshops are about teaching the local population how to join tissues of plants so that they continue their growth together. This technique has multiple benefits for the people of Dewe including: The ability to induce fruitfulness without the need for completing the juvenile phase. A mango tree which usually takes 10 … Continue reading Grafting