The Lily Pads


The Lily Pads team is ‘crowdfunding’!

Come and join us in changing the lives of hundreds of women in Uganda by offering them the power to build a future.

The Lily Pads Initiative from The Dewe Project on Vimeo.


The Lily Pads project, a new initiative held within Dewe Project’s organisation, aims at, over the course of three years, providing the means and the adapted trainings to the female community of Dewe around producing and using reusable and sanitary cloth pads.

This will allow not only the empowerment of the women and girls of the village through the learning of new skills, but also educate on the topic and break a taboo which has been leading to more and more drop outs from school and therefore a high percentage of illiteracy amongst the female community of Dewe.


How does it work?

MATERIAL & PACKAGING The Lily Pad team has on purposed chosen materials for their pads which can all be purchased in Uganda AND are recyclable. The Cloth Pad is made at 80% of cotton and the rest of nylon. To add to its African made style, the design team has chosen to do the binding … Continue reading How does it work?


According to the UNICEF, “1 out of 10 African schoolgirls skips school or drops out of school”. This is what Dewe Project’s Lily Pad initiative is aiming to reduce by empowering those girls and teaching them the importance of their role in the society. Later on, the aim is to broaden the outreach, cover neighbour … Continue reading Objectives

Long-term Plan

Now that the team has finished the market research, selection of materials and design, as well as the testing of the pad, we have entered the second phase which is the training of the ladies of the community. Already the enthusiasm for it is immense and the turn up high. In order to keep on … Continue reading Long-term Plan