What we do


Our programs are heavily influenced by the principles of permaculture and social sculpture, and have a strong focus on community gatherings.

Our vision is to explore the creative practices between people and planet, manifesting our ideas to influence positive changes in our area.

At Dewe, we create programs and projects that model a regenerative society. a place where people can go to experiment consciously with life, focusing on land and the arts.

Broadly, we are working towards a collective consciousness of ecology. We believe in trying to work with nature in order to understand the patterns and processes of change, while supporting them to restore some of the imbalances we see in the world today

By bringing awareness on how to use available resources, Dewe Project’s objective is to teach the communities new skills and competencies which will help them build their own businesses, generate revenues, feed their families and become a self-sufficient community as a whole.

The Dewe Project – Uganda, East Africa