Social Sculpture and Permaculture combined are a great contribution in addressing the global food security and environmental degradation.

Not long ago every African family grew their own food. Subsistence farming was suitable and sustainable. Crop rotation was part of the game. They had a good connection to the land and relationship with nature. Indigenous people did not need university degrees to survive. People had the knowledge and confidence in working the land. They understood how to work with seasons. They grew and tended plants they were familiar with. They were knowledgeable about insects and diseases that affected their crops.

Some used to keep animals such as cows and goats whose dung was used to improve soil and create humus. They had trust in the plants which they grew and they were aware of their nutritional and medicinal and ecological values. Those who lived as nomads depended on wild meat, vegetables, fruits, grains, root tubers and nuts and their animal products. People migrated following rain searching for greener pastures. This type of life is becoming impossible and dying out because of the partition of Africa and current politics and colonial land ownership system. We now experience the modern exodus of involuntary international migration.

In recent years, the market is dictating what people must grow most of which comes packaged with a high price tag on. This has poisoned people’s attitudes towards the non-marketable crops. Unfortunately, most of the people in Africa do not have money to purchase these seeds/plants and required skills to grow these internationally recognised and commercially demanded crops. People have to depend on the agricultural officer’s advice, seeds and other supplies. Some supplies are hybrids or genetically modified seeds. People’s freedom and power to manage their lives and sustainable food production is in danger. Indigenous cultivated grains, vegetables, fruits, root tubers, nuts, legumes etc which are great sources of proteins, minerals, vitamins carotene amino acids etc are neglected and at times lead into extinction.